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Millennium Consulting works with the following organisations to offer complementary JD Edwards solutions. To find out more please contact us.

ITPA Group

Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is an integrated applications suite of comprehensive enterprise resource planning software that combines business value, standards-based technology and deep industry experience into a business solution with a low total cost of ownership. EnterpriseOne is the first ERP solution to run all applications on Apple iPad. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne also delivers mobile applications.

Only JD Edwards EnterpriseOne offers more choice of databases, operating systems and hardware so you can build and expand your IT solution to meet business requirements. JD Edwards delivers over 80 application modules to support a diverse set of business processes and key industry solutions such as Consumer Package Goods, Manufacturing, Asset Intensive and Projects and Services.

Financial Management

Having the right financial foundation for your organisation is key when you need to account for every penny that comes in or goes out—in every currency, in every country. Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne financial management solutions can help you respond more quickly to your changing environment, streamline your financial operations and improve the accuracy of your financial reporting.

Project Management

Take control and proactively manage project costs and billing, from conception through completion with Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne project management applications.

Asset Lifecycle Management

Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Asset Lifecycle Management solution helps drive greater value from your assets, whether they are plants, facilities or equipment. From capital planning and budgeting, to procurement and operations, to maintenance and repair, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Asset Lifecycle Management can maximise profitability and return on investment across the entire asset lifecycle.

Order Management

Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Order Management enables you to streamline order processing and maintain visibility and control of order tracking throughout the order lifecycle.

Manufacturing Management

Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Manufacturing and Engineering helps manufacturers—especially those that operate within a mixed-mode (process, discrete, repetitive, etc.) manufacturing environment—develop, manufacture and distribute products in a timely fashion; use efficient processes that optimise resources; and satisfy customer expectations about quality, price and delivery. Now, with the addition of Oracle's Agile Product Lifecycle Management solutions, engineers can work closely with the manufacturing and related capabilities of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.

Mobile Solutions

Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Mobile Solutions deliver personalised services that extend user choice and improve productivity by delivering management solutions that can be accessed at any time or from anywhere.


Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne One View Reporting is a real time operational reporting solution designed specifically for end users to access and personalise transactional data into lists, charts, graphs and tables thus simplifying the consumption of information. One View Reporting's intuitive interface empowers end users with the flexibility to create personalised operational reports, across EnterpriseOne, without the need for IT assistance.


PROACTIS specialise in helping organisations improve their operational and financial performance by improving the way they buy all types of goods and services. They call it Spend Control and eProcurement.

Information silos, process inefficiencies, manual errors and fraud vulnerabilities are removed. In their places comes ground-breaking Spend Control, enabling you to energise your sourcing, supplier engagement, contract management, and the entire purchase-to-pay and invoicing process. Now you can manage critical day-to-day processes in a streamlined way, using thoughtfully-designed tools and services.

The PROACTIS Difference

They mirror, automate and transform every business-critical process that relates to your Spend Control and eProcurement

Their Spend Control Platform brings together a highly integrated, yet modular family of solutions that mirror, automate and transform every business-critical process across your organisation, end to end. Their platform is the culmination of almost two decades of experience working with some of the world’s leading organisations to deliver bottom-line success. The result is fast, flexible spend control capabilities that enable rapid and successful deployment and maximise return on investment.


ALLOut – the perfect security solution for JD Edwards Putting YOU in control - a simple, easy to implement and cost effective solution for Governance, Risk and Compliance Management

ALLOut family of products – the most powerful set of risk, security, audit/compliance and segregation of duties tools available for JD Edwards.

Control Solutions – ALLOut enables you to implement best practice internal controls procedures with the minimum of effort so that you can meet your compliance requirements, especially Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), Health Insurance Accountability Act (HIPPA), Basel II and the EU Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communication in Europe.

Segregation of Duties - access management has become increasingly important to executives and corporate managers responsible for preventing fraud, ensuring the security of enterprise information systems, and complying with the SOX Act and other regulations.

Auditors - ALLOut’s compliance solutions can help you streamline your audit preparations and audit cycles, and cut costs by up to 90% - critical in today’s turbulent economy.

Profile Management – much more than just security – the products include a functionally rich set of utilities that overlay standard JD Edwards files enabling technical staff to undertake day to day system administration in a fraction of the time using standard programs.

Upgrades – take advantage of all the latest security features by upgrading your security at the same time as upgrading your versions. For example – JD Edwards now has multiple roles features in both EnterpriseOne and World – great functionality but not so easy to set-up. ALLOut enables you to implement “best practice” multiple roles in both versions.

ALLOut family of products - the perfect Security Solution for JD Edwards

ALLOut is a family of products that enables you to set-up your security, go from “Open to Closed”, produce Compliance Reports and Segregation of Duties Rules and Reports. It provides a simple, easy to implement and cost effective solution for Governance, Risk and Compliance Management. ALLOut is used by :

  • IT Management
  • Security Officers
  • Internal Auditors
  • Business Managers
  • External Auditors over 300 JD Edwards sites globally! Cut costs, cut risks, cut admin!


ReportsNow is easy, powerful and comprehensive

ReportsNow software is easy to install, use and maintain. Our powerful technology provides real-time analytics with native JD Edwards intelligence. Our streamlined approach delivers results across a comprehensive spectrum of reporting needs.


Manually generating and distributing reports is time-consuming and error prone. Launching reports, splitting up the output for interested parties, and converting them into desired formats are low-value tasks completed by highly skilled resources. Manual tasks are also error prone calling into question the quality of data being shared. Now you can save valuable resource’s time and improve the quality of information distributed with ReportsNow Automator, the engine that allows you to schedule and burst Data Access Studio reports. Scheduling and bursting get critical information to business people when they want it and in the format that best suits them.With Automator you can:

Easily define the frequency and timing for Data Access Studio reports

Seamlessly select form a variety of output formats

Effortlessly define one or more recipients to receive scheduled reports

Intelligently segment & distribute report output to recipients through bursting

Data Access Studio

It is time to change what you expect from a reporting solution. Complex and time-consuming technology platforms are no longer acceptable. All types of users need and want to get the information they need without waiting weeks or months for IT.Fortunately, ReportsNow has developed Data Access Studio, a real-time reporting platform for JD Edwards customers that accomplishes just that. Data Access Studio enables business users to easily create queries, operational reports, and analytics. Together with Automator and Report Bundles it also alleviates the burden on IT resources and overall infrastructure. With Data Access Studio you can:

- Quickly find information using table & column descriptions

- Intelligent search

- Easily format report columns, add calculations & filters and

- Organize & summarize data

- Dynamically present results in Excel charts and pivot tables

- Effortlessly save and share reports to be run by colleagues and

- Distribute report output


Magic Software has been a leading provider of enterprise application and integration solutions for over thirty years.

Magic xpi Integration Platform delivers code-free, enterprise-grade integration, business process automation, and data synchronization solutions. Building on Magic’s status as a Platinum Partner of Oracle, Magic xpi for JDE extends the capabilities and usage of Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and JD Edwards World ERP systems, integrating them with your company's entire range of business processes.

For further information please download our A5 flyer by clicking here.

Extend and Integrate JD Edwards across Your Company

Magic xpi for JDE integrates the various pieces of your business puzzle together, enabling you to better manage the money, people, products, and knowledge in your company. With more than 50 adapters, wizards, services, and methods at your fingertips, Magic xpi enables you to create continuous business processes based on JD Edwards. Magic’s proven business integration platform empowers business analysts and JD Edwards administrators to manage business processes using code-free visually oriented process design tools.


Out-of-the-box certified JDE adaptor

Large library of pre-built components

Drag-and-drop functionality for easy configuration of your business processes

Visual Data Mapper transforms information, regardless of format

Step-by-step wizards simplify complex integration

Intuitive graphical user interface

Online monitoring capabilities


Handles exceptions and errors, reliably and seamlessly

Integrates financial data in real time, near real time, and at optimal intervals

Integrates non-JDE applications with your General Ledger

Integrates with new and existing e-commerce websites

Integrates order tracking and logistics management over the Web

Integrates CRM and sales force management

Handles service calls and tracks orders over the Web

Runs natively on IBM I systems

Consolidates your charts of accounts with other systems and companies


Creates services easily

Implements SOA with existing JD Edwards Enterprise One or JD Edwards World

Leverages investment in and knowledge of JD Edwards systems

Simplifies integration when upgrading or installing new versions

Overcomes integration barriers with existing systems

Modernizes the perception of JD Edwards applications

Integrates JD Edwards company-wide across all business processes, according to business process definitions

Empowers end users and technical staff

Increases efficiency through reliable and seamless handling of exceptions and errors

Allows access to information when you need it.


Differentia Consulting is a Qlik Sense, QlikView – Qlik Elite Solution Provider. We specialise in providing our clients with simple and limitless analytics delivered with Qlik Sense, QlikView and NPrinting. We help you turn data into insight across all aspects of your business. With the employment of Qlik Sense, QlikView with NPrinting solutions from Differentia Consulting, clients are not restricted by inflexible philosophies of how data should be related. Clients can finally understand how their data is truly related. Differentia Consulting offers a comprehensive set of capabilities. These include Qlik Sense, QlikView; Managed Services, Consultancy, Training and Support enabling clients to reveal, collaborate, analyse and act with Qlik.

Differentia Consulting offer a comprehensive range of Qlik analytics-platform offerings that include strategy & product training, see; Qlik Sense training, QlikView training and NPrinting training. We offer data discovery workshops, strategic BI vision setting workshops and the complete series of approved Qlik Sense, QlikView training courses. In addition Differentia Consulting offer tailored and advanced Qlik Sense, QlikView workshops. These courses are developed to ensure the full adoption of Qlik platform product knowledge within an organisation. Qlik Sense, QlikView managed-services are offered to meet the needs of clients as they adopt this disruptive technology. From hand holding support services to delivering innovative development projects both in Cloud and On-Premise onshore and offshore.


The UK Oracle User Group

The UKOUG is an independant company that organises various events throughout the year including the JD Edwards conference. This year the conference will be held jointly with the Oracle Apps and Oracle Tech at The ICC in Birmingham Tuesday December 6th and Wednesday December 7th.

In order to attend the conference you need to be a member of the UKOUG or pay for entry. Fir further details please contact Kerry Stuart at the UKOUG -

Millennium Consulting works alongside the UKOUG in both organisating the conference and exhibiting at UKOUG events.


Financial Process Management

To achieve financial control, there is a need to have a structured way to do Business Process Management (BPM). Process Management has two key elements:

1. Describe effective financial procedures and

2. Ensuring process completion according to the procedure description.

Standardisation of the business processes increases efficiency and reduces costs in the finance function which are an essential combination for a successful lean process. By focusing on continuous improvement of the procedures, with emphasis on risk and materiality, the efficiency of the process will increase over time.

The goal with Financial Process Management:

Corporate Governance

Performance Management

Comply with regulations



Key elements in Financial Process Management:

Define KPIs for measurement of the financial processes

Transparency of the process flow

Keep cost of implementation and rolling out new processes low

Continuous improvement, benchmark and review

Risk based approach

The Adra suite of products comprises: -


An advanced and effective transaction matching software that supports automatic reconciliation of any kind of data. All forms of financial and operational reconciliations are supported, and focus can be directed exclusively to exceptions to efficiently ensure the accuracy of data.


Organizes the entire Reconciliation Management process by giving an unparalleled overview of all task lists and statuses, due dates and user assignments in real-time. In addition to financial reconciliation tasks, the software will also keep track of operational and internal control activities to ensure transparency and compliance with regulations. Task Manager will help the organization achieve a lean reconciliation management process.


Designed to organize the documentation and account reconciliation tasks of the balance sheet during the financial close. The approval process and the detailed audit trail give integrity to the reconciled balances. Descriptions of the reconciliation procedures and risk assignments on each account provide consistency, as well as transparency, to the approach for mitigating financial risk process.

For further information please contact us.


Safyr® for JD Edwards is a powerful exploration tool to enable JD Edwards users to understand and manage the metadata in their own customized JD Edwards system or systems. Safyr helps users navigate the many tables and fields, not only be providing the ‘business’ descriptions for those objects, but also by interpreting the joins found in JD Edwards Business Views to give the user a means to understand the relationships between JD Edwards tables.

“It’s difficult to imagine how we could have integrated complex ... J.D. Edwards metadata structures into our corporate information architecture without Safyr. The cost was low compared to other methods and a fraction of the overall project budget.”

Safyr® was developed to enable our customers and partners to dramatically shorten the time to value for Information Management projects which involve data from large complex packaged enterprise systems from vendors such as SAP, Salesforce and Oracle by reducing the cost and resources needed for ERP metadata discovery whilst at the same time improving accuracy and compliance

Safyr® is the industry’s only dedicated metadata discovery software for packaged applications. Safyr gives analysts, architects and other data professionals the ability to access, understand, share and utilise the underlying data structures for these applications, whenever they need to without having to rely on technical specialists, external consultants, incomplete documentation, internet searches or partial technical solutions.

Safyr achieves this by extracting metadata from the applications as implemented and storing it so it can be easily navigated, searched, filtered, analysed, visualised using business terminology rather than needing to know physical table names.  There are many tools that can ‘reverse engineer’ a database by connecting to the RDBMS system catalog, but Safyr does this for application packages by ‘reverse engineering’ from the package’s own data dictionary tables.  This is the only practical way to get an understandable view of the package data mode.

The short video above is a brief demonstration of how Safyr can be used with JD Edwards.

Safyr is the industry’s only dedicated metadata discovery solution for the world’s most commonly used packaged applications:

For further information or to arrange a demonstration please contact us.



ICT today is complex: Your network is expanding while the current situation is not optimal yet. ITPA will monitor, detect, diagnose, analyse optimise your ICT environment. ITPA will bring you overview and resolve delays and instabilities.


Delays or instabilities of your ICT environment might be caused by the parameter settings. ITPA developed a unique approach to investigate the parameter settings and to optimise them, eliminating issues and improving speed, stability and performance.


Performance of applications is important, as well as the ROI for ICT. For this purpose ITPA developed a Network Operations Center (NOC) solution. Organisations can share the cost of monitoring and still keep the performance of transactions optimal.


Due to IoT development more devices are connected to your network, causing performance issues and security risk. ITPA Group will optimize and protect your systems and still keep your transactions fast and secure.

Total IT Performance Management

Monitoring tools from most manufacturers are separated in Infrastructureand Application Monitoring. They will tell you ‘you have a problem’, and will not provide you with the cause of the issue or an answer how to resolve the issue if a transaction is slow.

ITPA makes the difference: ITPA is more than an end-2-end ICT performance monitoring service. ITPA will monitor, detect, diagnose, analyze and optimise your IT performance. We resolve the cause not the symptoms! We will investigate hardware, software, databases, operating systems, applications, external (e.g. cloud) service providers, IoT devices, security, multiple locations, multi vendor, etc.

The settings and parameters for software and applications are crucial for their performance. What worked before, will not be the optimal setting for now,  causing delays and instabilities. ITPA has developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system combined with our own Knowledge Base, capable of analysing those values and optimizing them for the fastest performance possible.


In addition, security has a big influence on performance and can delay transactions. We optimize and protect your systems and still keep your transactions fast and secure.

Are you developing software? In a DevOps situation ITPA can simulate and pre-test the live situation capacity and impact on your IT environment and advise to optimize before go-live. This service can save you a lot of time, frustrated end-users, money and… headaches.

ITPA can also provide you with a complete overview: a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and license compliancy check.

An inexpensive solution that is not complex to implement, how is that possible?

This is one of the most often received reactions. We understand that combining all performance and security services in one might sound like very complex and expensive. We look forward to surprising you. Not only when you look at the cost, but as well look at the results: reductions in transaction time. Reductions in waiting time because of downtime or delays. Increases in productivity, etc.

What is your impact on revenue if you are hit by unplanned downtime? The simplest way to calculate potential revenue losses during an  outage is with the equation:

Lost revenue=(GR/TH) x I x H

GR = Gross yearly revenue TH = Total yearly business hours I   =  Percentage impact H  =  Number of hours of outage

For example:

GR = € 40.000.000 revenue TH = 260 working days (52 weeks x 5 days) with 8 hrs per day = 2080 hours per year I   =  100% of the company is not able to work H  =  1 hour outage

In this calculation example the damage is € 19.230,76 per hour (!)

And you know that unfortunately outages last much longer than one hour

Because ITPA is running a Software As A Service (Saas) model you share the cost of Total Performance Management.

Click HERE to download a product PDF brochure.


Theia - BI


Theia brings multiple BI tools and assets into one visualisation.

  • Achieve a single view across all your BI tools
  • No need for costly and risky standardisation projects
  • Give IT enterprise security
  • Give users appealing visualisations
  • Blend BI data between platforms to get one version of the truth
  • Future-proof your data for acquisition or leadership change

Does your BI programme have a BI problem? If you’re like most organisations you don’t just have one BI tool. Perhaps you started off with an enterprise-level platform such as Cognos or Business Objects? But over time, visualisation tools such as Qlik and Tableau, were adopted by different departments. So now, when your CFO needs a financial report, is her data in Qlik, Cognos or Business Objects? If your CEO wants a dashboard overview, which tool should he use? Or does he actually need a blend of them all? BI was supposed to make accessing information easier. But with data siloed across multiple BI tools, joined-up decision making is harder than ever. In other words, BI has developed its own BI problem.

“No one vendor is fully addressing both enterprises’ IT-driven requirements and business users requirements for ease of use” Gartner Magic Quadrant, BI and Analytics Platforms, Feb 2015

So, how do you attain the BI dream? Do you rip, replace and kick-off a standardisation project? Standardisation is expensive. And risky. Nobody wants to face mutiny by forcing a whole set of users to give up tools they know and love. Besides, it would be fruitless anyway. As Gartner has identified, there has never been one BI tool that can do it all. Until now, that is.

Below is a brief video explaining how Theia works.

For further information on our BI Services please contact us. To download the Theia datasheet click here.


FDC Solutions - Inventory Capital Solutions (ICS)


What if inventory management could be less about spending and more about investing? Less about funding and more about optimising capital? Less about what you can't see and more about what you can? Less about the past and more about the future? It can.

ICS takes inventory management to a new level giving you world-class visibility to the past and, using sophisticated risk modelling and forecasting tools, helps you better manage the present and shape the future. You can reduce inventory and free up lazy capital whilst continuing to provide the level or service your customers demand.

The FDC ICS system (the ICS system) is integrated with and supports the FDC ICS risk management methodology for inventory management and supply chain risk management. ICS allows you to:

  • Simplify Inventory Management
  • get More Knowledge
  • Reduce Buffer Stock
  • Paint The Future
  • Maximise Capital


It is the result of some 25 years of practical experience on several continents with the implementation of inventory improvement programs and the resulting understanding of the need for supporting technologies and systems. Its key features are:

  • Leading Edge 4th Generation Advanced Planning Technology
  • Unique Risk-based Optimization Methodology
  • Advanced Demand Forecasting
  • Risk-Responsive Stock Ordering
  • DRP-based Distribution Management
  • Suitable for Retail, Distribution, Manufacturing and for Repair-Overhaul-Maintenance
  • Particularly suited to Extended Supply Chains
  • Excellent Track Record